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Sell Your Abandoned Vehicles Legally!Got A Vehicle & Need A Title?FREE Telephone Consultation!

Sell Your Abandoned Vehicles Legally!

Do you have a vehicle your customer will not pay and pick up? After 48 hours, the vehicle is legally considered an unclaimed vehicle. We prepare and process lien sale documents, giving you the right to sell your abandoned vehicles. Abandoned vehicles can be sold, to recoup some or all the money invested in the vehicle. We contact owners and lien holders, requesting they pay you. If this fails, we prepare the documents, giving you the right to sell the vehicle.

Got A Vehicle & Need A Title?

We can help you obtain a title to your vehicle. You purchased a vehicle from a friend of a friend, they promise to get you the title, they never get back with you. They either leave town or avoid you all together or you purchased a vehicle, the previous owner signed the title wrong, when you try to get in contact with them, they never return your calls or unwilling to help you correct the title issue. We have a solution! Contact us today!

FREE Telephone Consultation!

We know you may have questions, we are here to help you! Give us a call to discuss your options with vehicle title problems or your abandoned vehicle issues. 100% Guaranteed – Our services are 100% Guaranteed. If not, you pay nothing! It’s that simple.


Welcome to Alabama’s Largest Abandoned Vehicle Lien and Title Processing Company.

Jason Steward Enterprises, Inc. specializes in helping towing companies, repair shops, dealers, individuals, auto auctions and any other automotive related business obtain title paperwork to vehicles that have been unclaimed and abandoned by the owner or anyone acting as the owner.

Your Most Trusted Source for title paperwork for Unclaimed and Abandoned Vehicles in Alabama.

Since 2001 we have specialized in common lien laws and title paperwork for abandoned/unclaimed vehicles such as:

  • Unclaimed vehicles, including Cars and Trucks
  • Unclaimed Motorcycles
  • Unclaimed Trailer & RV’s
  • Unclaimed Mobile Homes

We help business owners & individuals who are in the possession of unclaimed or abandoned vehicles as described above, including:

  • Truck & Auto Dealers
  • Auto Mechanics & Repair Shops
  • Motorcycle Repair Shops
  • RV – Mobile Home Parks

Why spend your valuable time doing paperwork and researching titles?

Avoid the hassles and the costly mistakes and let us take care of these time exhausting tasks.

Our 15+ years experience with title service and support enables us to pursue the most effective channels and methods to get the job done as quickly as possible and give YOU the results and piece of mind you’re looking for, while saving you time and money!

Jason Steward Enterprises, Inc has helped 1000’s of businesses and individuals legally obtain car/vehicle title paperwork by preparing the required documents and doing the procedures outlined by the State of Alabama.

Purchased a vehicle and never received a title or you simply just have a vehicle without a title, We have a solution!

By properly filing Alabama unclaimed / abandoned vehicle procedures and documentation. Alabama abandoned vehicles can be sold at public auction. We are here to help you prepare and process all of your Alabama Unclaimed / Abandoned Motor Vehicle sale documents.

Email, text or call today and let’s get started! We can help or refer you to someone that can help you with most any Alabama vehicle title problem your facing!

Surety Bonded Titles, Salvage Titles, Alabama Mobile Home Titles, Duplicate Car Titles, Dealer Services, Car With No Title, Lost Titles. Unclaimed / Abandoned Vehicles.

When it comes to Vehicle Title Processing, Jason Steward Enterprises Inc is the company that you want working for you! We continue to stay informed of all Law changes, we constantly advance our technology to make the process easy for our busy clients, and most of all, we render quality service in the spirit of excellence and professionalism!

Serving Alabama Since 2001.