Become a Bonded Designated Title Agent

Beginning January 1, 2020

The State of Alabama will require all Towing Companies & Automotive Related Businesses that regularly sell Abandoned Vehicles to become a Designated Agent. The amended unclaimed / abandoned vehicle law will require a Title Application be done by the seller or a Title Service Provider working with the seller on all abandoned vehicles sold. Being a Designated Agent gives you the ability to get this done.

Introducing – Done For You….. Designated Agent Application Process and Title Applications!

The State of Alabama requirements are as follows:

  • A completed Non-Dealer Application For Designated Agent
  • A Corporate Surety Bond in the amount of $50,000.00, payable to the State of Alabama.
  • Upon approval, all new applicants must attend a training class in Montgomery on how to prepare Title Applications on the abandoned vehicle you sell.

At JSE Inc, we know you have enough to do. Let us help you complete this application process on your behalf and get everything setup for you to have a successful transition into the new way of selling your abandoned vehicles….Once your Designated Agent status is approved, you can sit back and let us do all your Abandoned Vehicle paperwork & Title Applications through our partner Title Service Providers on your abandoned vehicles.

***Unfortunately, you MUST attend the “Title Training Class” in Montgomery to finalize your Non – Dealer Designated Agent status.***

Here’s how it works, once we complete the unclaimed / abandoned process (usually about 8 weeks) you are ready to sell the vehicle. Once sold, we will prepare the Abandoned Bill of Sale like normal, with your buyer’s name, address & sale price, then one of our partner Title Service Providers will prepare a Title Application. You will present the Abandoned Bill of Sale & Title Application to your buyer, the buyer and the seller will sign both forms and the buyer will take the paperwork to their tag issuing office to purchased a tag. All supporting documents will be sent to the State of Alabama to have your buyer’s title issued to them. The State of Alabama will mail the title directly to your buyer.

To get started – download the Non – Dealer Designated Agent Application here fill out the forms the best you can, sign the Power of Attorney on the Taxpayer line and either mail or deliver it to an office nearest you. *Minimum Cost is $500.00 (Prices may vary – depending on various situations)