Salvage Titles

A salvage title is issued by the state when a vehicle is severely damaged and the costs of repair can exceed the vehicle’s value. Usually, this happens when an insurance company has deemed a vehicle covered by a policy a “total loss.” When these vehicles are salvaged, or repaired, the state issues a salvage title. Even cars that have been in floods or stolen can fall under the salvage title distinction.

In Alabama, if you have a vehicle that holds a salvage title, you will not be able to drive the vehicle on public highways, purchase a tag or get insurance.


If you own a salvage vehicle, you may either sell the vehicle to a “licensed Rebuilder” for parts or rebuilding, or have them rebuild the vehicle for you.

If you purchased a salvage vehicle that has already been rebuilt, or a stolen (recovered) vehicle, you will need to go through a “License Rebuilder” to have the vehicle inspected by the State of Alabama and have a rebuilt title issued.

Jason Steward Enterprises does not handle this process, however, we can refer you to people throughout the State of Alabama that can help you.

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