Sell Your Abandoned Vehicles Legally!Got A Vehicle & Need A Title?FREE Telephone Consultation!

Sell Your Abandoned Vehicles Legally!

Do you have a vehicle your customer will not pay and pick up? After 48 hours, the vehicle is legally considered an unclaimed vehicle. We prepare and process lien sale documents, giving you the right to sell your abandoned vehicles. Abandoned vehicles can be sold, to recoup some or all the money invested in the vehicle. We contact owners and lien holders, requesting they pay you. If this fails, we prepare the documents, giving you the right to sell the vehicle.

Got A Vehicle & Need A Title?

We can help you obtain a title to your vehicle. You purchased a vehicle from a friend of a friend, they promise to get you the title, they never get back with you. They either leave town or avoid you all together or you purchased a vehicle, the previous owner signed the title wrong, when you try to get in contact with them, they never return your calls or unwilling to help you correct the title issue. We have a solution! Contact us today!

FREE Telephone Consultation!

We know you may have questions, we are here to help you! Give us a call to discuss your options with vehicle title problems or your abandoned vehicle issues. – Our services are 100% Guaranteed. If not, you pay nothing! It’s that simple.


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