Unclaimed Vehicles

Unclaimed / Abandoned Vehicles – We prepare lien sale documents, giving you the right to sell abandoned vehicles. According to Alabama Law, if you have a vehicle over 48 hours, you must report the vehicle unclaimed to the Alabama Dept of Revenue, in ordered to continue charging a storage fee on the vehicle. you can sell it, to recoup some or all the money you have in the vehicle. Repairs, towing and any other fees are common law liens and can be charged to the owner and/or lien holder.

Extensive owner / lien holder title records are required on vehicles titled and registered outside the State of Alabama. We have the tools and resources to locate the information to follow protocol on contacting owners / lien holders on vehicles titled in others States.

We’ll report, contact owners and all interested parties associated with the vehicle, requesting they come and pay you, if this all fails, we prepare the documents, giving you the right to sell the vehicle. Abandoned Vehicles are sold at public auction.

Once the lien sale documents have been completed, they will be delivered to you, usually on the auction date. Sign the lien sale documents and deliver them to your buyer, your buyer in return submits them to any Alabama Tag Issuing Office, where they transfer ownership and purchase a tag.

*** Effective January 1, 2020, Everyone that regularly sells abandoned vehicles will be required to become a Non – Dealer Designated Agent with the State. Read more here……. Those who are not a designated agent, buyer’s of your abandoned vehicles will need to apply for a Surety Bond using the Abandoned Bill of Sale to obtain a vehicle title. ***

We offer multi – vehicle discounts.

* Multi-Vehicle discounts require all vehicles to be ordered at the same time and abandoned at the same address. Contact us today for a FREE consultation on how we can help your business stay in compliance on reporting and following the unclaimed / abandoned vehicle statue of Alabama. 32-13