Alabama Vehicle Titling Exemptions

Every motor vehicle not more than 35 model years old, which is domiciled in Alabama and is required to be registered in Alabama, is required to have an Alabama certificate of title. Travel trailers and folding and collapsible camping trailers not more than 20 model years old are required to have an Alabama certificate of title. Manufactured homes not more than 20 model years old are also required to be titled.

DEFINITIONS: The term motor vehicle shall include every automobile, motorcycle, mobile trailer, semitrailer, truck, truck tractor, trailer and other device that is self-propelled or drawn, in, upon, or by which any person or property is or may be transported or drawn upon a public highway except such as is moved by animal power or used exclusively upon stationary rails or tracks. Every trailer coach and travel trailer manufactured upon a chassis or undercarriage as an integral part thereof drawn by a self-propelled vehicle.

EXCLUSIONS: No Alabama certificate of title shall be obtained for:

(a) A motor vehicle more than 35 model years old, trailer or manufactured home more than 20 model years old.

(b) A vehicle owned by the United States or any agency thereof.

(c) A vehicle owned by a manufacturer or dealer and held for sale, even though incidentally moved on the highway or used for the purpose of testing or demonstration, or a vehicle used by a manufacturer solely for testing.

(d) A vehicle owned by a non-resident of Alabama and not required by law to be registered in Alabama.

(e) A vehicle moved solely by animal power.

(f) An implement of husbandry.

(g) Special mobile equipment.

(h) A pole trailer.

(i) ATVs.

(j) Snowmobiles.

(k) Off road vehicles.

(l) Junked vehicles.

(m) Boats.

(n)Mobile homes, travel trailers, and mobile trailers designated 1993 year models and prior year models.

(o) Utility trailers. A utility trailer is a vehicle without motive power designed to be drawn by a passenger car or pickup truck.

(p) A folding or collapsible camping trailer more than 20 model years old.

(q) A vehicle for which the Alabama license plate issuing official has verified that the current owner or operator is recorded as the owner or operator on a currently effective certificate of title issued by another state and the certificate of title is being held by the recorded lienholder.

(r) A motor-driven cycle is defined as every motorcycle, including every motor scooter, with a motor which produces not to exceed five brake horsepower nor to exceed 150 cubic centimeter engine displacement, and weighs less than 200 pounds fully equipped, and every bicycle with motor attached.